Enhancing a kid’s room with kidsfabrics

dinsdag, 7-4-2015  

When decorating your kid’s room you should make it a room they want to spend a lot of time in. You can do this by using decorations that will spark their imaginations and let them play in their room. One excellent way of achieving that is by using kidsfabrics. These fabrics are beautiful fabrics with motifs like Mickey Mouse, or cars. For children this is an excellent way of letting them enjoy their room and let them play in it. With the kidsfabrics from you can make any room into a beautiful kids room, by using the kidsfabrics for duvets, curtains and cushions. The kidsfabrics at are of a good quality and are available at competitive prices. This way you never pay too much, but still get nicer duvets, curtains and cushions then normal bland shell products.

Kidsfabrics: for every purpose

With the kidsfabrics from you can create several beautiful products. You can buy the fabric by the meter, so you can use your imagination and seaming skills to create anything you want. And with our handy tools you can determine how much fabric you need, by simply entering the dimensions you want. Our website will then tell you how much you need. So if you have the skills to seam you can use our fabrics to create anything you and your child want. And because we offer low prices, it is often cheaper to just buy the fabric on roll and create your own cushion, curtain or duvet then buy dull store ones. This way you can create a unique kid’s room and still not pay too much. Are you not confident in your own seaming skills? Then you can also use our made-to-measure service. Our team of seamstresses can create the product you want with the fabrics you have chosen. You can order cushions, roman blinds, pleated curtains, eyelet curtains, curtains with loops and duvet from You give us the dimensions of the curtain, duvet or cushion you want and we will create it for you. This way you can easily get the unique products you want, without having to be able to seam. Besides the dimensions that you can choose from, there are also different other options you can choose from, depending on the product you order. Our roman blinds can be heavily customized, by choosing the location of the pull system, the attachment (on the window or over it), the lining and of course the size of the curtain. This way the roman curtain will fit perfectly on your window and you can be certain that it will block the light, so your kid can sleep safely. When ordering the pleated curtains, you can choose between single pleated or double pleated. This affects the style of the curtain. Besides that, you can also choose if you want 1 big curtain or 2 equal parts. And of course you can select the lining that you want, to prevent colour fading. The eyelet curtains have the same options: you can select the lining and whether you want one or two pieces. And the same applies to the curtains with loops. Ordering the duvet means you have to choose between three different sizes:

  • Toddler duvet (100 by 135 centimetres)
  • Junior duvet cover (120 by 150 centimetres)
  • Duvet cover (140 by 200 centimetres) including cushion cover (60 by 70 centimetres)

This way you order the duvets that fit your kid’s bed.

Kidsfabrics in every colour and motif

You can order almost any type of kidsfabric of We offer over a thousand kidsfabrics, so you can always find the fabric you are looking for. One way to find the fabric you are looking for is by looking at the sample rooms. These are rooms that we have created to show you the possibilities of the kidsfabrics we offer. Here, the kidsfabrics have been used to create different cushions, duvets and curtains to give you an idea of how to use the fabrics. Besides that, it is of course also possible to simply browse the collection. That way you can get a good impression of the different kinds of kidsfabrics we have in our collection. And if you already know what you want then you can use our filters to look through the collection. This way you can select on the theme or colour you want. So if you already know you want pirates, or cars, then you can use our filters to look for that. Besides that it is also possible to filter on price or quality of the material the fabric is made of. When you have chosen the fabric you want you can order it by the meter, or order the made-to-measure products that we offer. So by ordering the unique kidsfabrics from you can make a beautiful children’s room that your children will want to stay in. For the same prices as bland store brought curtains, duvets and cushions you can get kidsfabrics that really enlighten the room and make your kid feel at home. Ordering the quality kidsfabrics means that you can enjoy them within two workdays. And if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team. We will gladly help you in selecting the perfect kidsfabrics for your child’s room.

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